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* is the highest rated and reviewed mattress on Company total sales in 2017 = $150,000,000+.

Why Videoo?

why videoo?

How it works

We built a technology platform for interactive video ratings and reviews.


Aggregate any product content: text, images, photos, and/or video assets.


Choose a product review theme to spin up a Videoo story.


Share Videoo to any website: Amazon, Google/YouTube, Facebook, or Shopify


Invite verified buyers to add their video reviews and vote up favorites in real-time.


Traditional review graphs are good. Videoo ratings and reviews are better.



Videoo averages 3-5x deeper engagement and monetization.

"Top 10 best branded content partnership."

-Ad Age(P&G)

"Videoo powers a dynamic storytelling experience."


"Videoo delivers next generation advertising."

-Huffington Post


Sign up for free to get a 30-day trial to prove ROI.


If you simply want to continue to increase incremental sales using your Videoo story after the 30-day free trial expires, then this is the plan for you

Free 30 Day Trial!


The basic package includes 10 active Videoo stories (one for each of your top 10 SKU's) for "best of" video reviews and storytelling to boost sales for any startup, eCommerce website, or Amazon seller.


Our most popular package. Get 30 active Videoo stories to scale sales and marketing success by unleashing the power of authentic video reviews to even more products in your business.


This is the perfect plan for any Fortune 500 company or high-growth business seeking unlimited Videoo reviews and stories to optimize media buying, conversion rates, and omnichannel sales for all products and services.

Opportunity Costs

You are losing sales from shoppers by not having Videoo reviews.

opportunity costs

Business Case

Business Case

About Us

About Us