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Next-generation video player that marries stories from media, brands, influencers, and audiences resulting in collaborative video storytelling. Audiences add videos (clips stitch together), watch (viewers shape a dynamic playlist), boost (votes push up crowd favorites) and share to unite social media amplification. Many people, one story.

Videoo platform

Brands log into Videoo's platform admin to upload owned content and pull in audience’s videos from social media (e.g. Twitter API), moderate (approve clips), insert ads (DFPs), access individual level user data and analyze key insights from automated tracking and reporting. Own the audience experience. 


Monetize new premium interactive sponsored storytelling experiences. Companion content plays alongside dedicated slots for video ad formats (optional)pre/mid/postroll.  Authentic advertising. 

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How it works

Videoo is shaping the new living media (r)evolution.


#skicanadaCanadian Ski Council

Videoo is proud to showcase the interactive #SkiCanada video story featuring real authentic user-generated content playing alongside branded content from the major ski resorts to boost travel bookings in Canada.

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Algorithms automate workflows to push 'next best' content to the top.
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Case Studies

Videoo helps leading brands and media companies: drive 3-5x deeper engagement with monetization.
Quick wins for news/editorial, sponsored storytelling, branded content, influencer media and social TV.

The Huffington Post uses Videoo to bring the viewer into the story (literally).

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Ziggy Marley crowd sources a 100% fan-made music video.

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Mitu Networks collaborate with social influencers and their followers to roast a famous comedian using Videoo - sponsored by Telcel.

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Unvision goes beyond text-only tweets on-screen using Videoo for the World Cup.

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Star Wars fans across the galaxy are united in the Top 100+ best social videos.

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NFL hockey team invites fans, players and coaches to join together in supporting their pick for Rookie of the Year.

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Bob Marley sparks a social video movement worldwide to raise money for charity:water.

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Festival of Media event highlights feature social videos from speakers, sponsors and attendees.

View case study

Experience the world's largest floating dance festival. Groove Cruise aftermovie, brought to you by Videoo.

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Fusion delights audiences with a dynamic news feed of social videos for the 2016 presidential election.

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SK Energy disrupts traditional hiring processes by asking job candidates to apply via video to win consumer votes.

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Naked Condoms turn heads at Cannes Film Festival with an interactive billboard.

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40x Reach
11.64X monetization
408% engagement
267% amplification


Our job is to shine the spotlight on our clients, but sometimes it reflects back on us.

Videoo Appoints Rob DeMillo As Chief Technology Officer

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5 rules for adapting your company to the age of group-storytelling

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Miami-Based Startup Videoo Wants Its Video Player To “Unlock The Playlist” For Brands

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Being a Videoo customer has been a great experience. I found Videoo to be an excellent platform to crowd source and engage our community.
It is a clean, effective and easy to use platform.


Videoo is a great platform for collecting and curating content that is fun and engaging to watch. Overall, everyone is pleased with the partnership and it’s a big win for our team. Videoo has made it easy for us to reconnect with our fans.

Lauren Levitt - CHIEF STRATEGY OFFICER, Pure Growth Group

We are proud to be working with Videoo to help our fans take a new level of ownership in the continuation of the Marley legacy.
Videoo has been a great partner. Thanks, you rock!

Zach Weinberg - HEAD OF SOCIAL, Bob Marley

Videoo is helping Fusion take social storytelling to the next level.

Hillary Frey - EXECUTIVE EDITOR, Fusion


Videoo's Mission: To bring people together through a shared video economy.

Barry StamosCo-Founder and CEO

Prior to Videoo, Barry was the Global Practice Leader of Strategy & Innovation at Acxiom (ACXM). Barry sold his first startup to Responsys (pre-IPO and exit to Oracle for $1.6 Billion). Connect on LinkedIn

Joshua StedmanCo-Founder and COO

Prior to Videoo, Josh held senior management positions in Strategy, Technology, Finance & Account Management. His first startup audited Television commercials (acquired by Nielsen). Connect on LinkedIn

Rob DemilloTechnical Advisor

Prior to advising Videoo, Rob was the CTO at StudioNow, Discovery Digital Networks (post-acquisition of Revision3), Transpera (acquired by Tremor Video), Third Screen Media (acquired by AOL) and m-Qube (acquired by VeriSign where he served as SVP of Mobile Technology). Connect on LinkedIn

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