Videoo Appoints Rob DeMillo As Chief Technology Officer

Posted by Joshua | May 3, 2016 | Press Release

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March 31, 2016, 11:15 a.m.

Serial Entrepreneur and Veteran CTO at Discovery Digital Networks and Revision3 to Lead Videoo’s Efforts to Deliver Personalized, Living Video Experiences

Miami, FL – March 31, 2016: Videoo, a living media video technology provider, today announced the appointment of Rob DeMillo as Chief Technology Officer (CTO). DeMillo brings 20 years of video product and enterprise technology experience. Based in San Francisco, DeMillo will be focused on developing new engagement and monetization functionalities for Videoo’s dynamic playlist experiences that help brands and publishers more authentically engage audiences through living media.


Rob DeMillo has stood at the forefront of technology throughout his career in mobile, media, video advertising and business intelligence. Rob is currently a Venture Partner at SparkLabs Global Ventures and until joining Videoo was the CTO/Partner at StudioNow, a video production marketplace. Prior to StudioNow, Rob was the CTO of Discovery Digital Networks, which he came through via Discovery’s acquisition of Revision3, a leader in Internet TV. In 2013, DeMillo was named to eContent’s “Fabulous 15: The Top Digital Media Influencers” along with Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg. DeMillo was CTO & Co-Founder of Transpera, a mobile technology company acquired byTremor Video in 2011. Prior to Transpera, DeMillo was the CTO for Third Screen Media, a mobile advertising company that was acquired by AOL in 2007. DeMillo also served as SVP of Mobile Technology at VeriSign, following the acquisition by Verisign of m-Qube in 2009 where he was SVP of Engineering. DeMillo was also the former CTO of ATG (IPO in 1999), a personalization and eCommerce leader and Chief Technology Advisor to AdRise,, and Vid.IO.


“What the team at Videoo has built is a game changer in the world of video and social storytelling,” said DeMillo. “I’m really excited to take Videoo’s engagement and monetization solutions to the next level for brands and publishers.”


“Rob brings a rare combination of CTO successes from both big public companies and a half dozen start-ups with sizeable exits. Most importantly, he is a master at building scalable technology products in the rapidly emerging digital video space,” said Videoo CEO and co-founder Barry Stamos. “With Rob as CTO of Videoo, we’re not only a better company, but better positioned to deliver on our vision of personalized video experiences.”




Videoo helps brands and publishers authentically engage audiences through living media technology that automatically compiles video content into a single dynamic playlist experience. By connecting native video content across the video community (premium, branded, social influencer, and user generated content), Videoo optimizes discovery and amplifies social sharing. Think Snapchat Live-Stories, but platform agnostic and enterprise facing.


Through machine learning and community participation, video playlists are re-ordered in real time, making them smarter with every interaction. Videoo believes the story of our time is bigger and better when we connect the ecosystem and enable mass collaboration, moving social storytelling from a passive (communicative) to interactive (collaborative) experience.


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