Festival of Media social videos shine a light on some of the 1200+ delegates from 27 different countries worldwide.


Use Case:

Festival of Media LatAm enables all-in-one social videos from event speakers, sponsors and attendees.


The founder of Festival of Media discovered Videoo and asked if it would be possible to go live 48-hours before event. Our answer: “Absolutely”. Their webmaster simply added the embed code to publish the Videoo player on their website. Then the morning of the event, the official MC recorded a ‘firestarter’ (first video clip locked in playlist) asking event speakers, sponsors and attendees to record and share social videos contributing sound bytes from the two days on-site.


Despite the last-minute decision to use Videoo, the partnership was a success with many event attendees participating including delegates from leading brands, agencies and media companies who all enjoyed the experience. Festival of Media didn’t need any other proof they did the right thing by partnering with Videoo.