Fusion delights audiences with a dynamic news feed of social videos for the 2016 presidential election.


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Use Case:

#DearNextPresident is a video series, hashtag campaign, and user-generated social project built around the idea that everyone—especially young voters—should have a voice in telling America’s next president about their most pressing concern or issue going into the next four years.


To start the project, Fusion (joint venture between ABC, Disney and Univision) visited a number of locations across the country—from New York to Los Angeles and Miami to Boulder—and asked students, workers, adventurers, tourists, and more to complete the phrase “Dear Next President….” The content was used in post production as the Videoo ‘firestarter’ (like a movie trailer), so it could scale digitally to reach and engage a larger audience online. Using Videoo, Fusion now allows anyone to join in the story and share what’s on their mind for the next president.


The goal of this evolving story is to be big and broad and personal. Fusion hopes to inspire you (and your family, friends, schoolmates, and coworkers) to record a short personal message and share it via any social platform with the hashtag #DearNextPresident. Fusion will reshare their favorites on social media, and Videoo will continue to help collect and curate content, too, to show the power of all our voices speaking together. Many people, one story — United States!