Experience the world's largest floating dance festival. Groove Cruise aftermovie, brought to you by Videoo.


Posted on YouTube: see it live.

Use Case:

World’s largest floating dance festival event uses social video contest to extend the experience post-event. Videoo help capture, connect and curate highlight reel for 10-year anniversary celebration.


Groove Cruise invited ‘groovers’ to record and share videos to create one amazing story! They won the attention of guests by making a general announcement during the cruise, distributing flyers on the ship, and sending email reminders along with social media posts after the cruise returned. “Just upload your recorded video, connect the story with hashtag #GCX and experience the Groove CruiseX 2014 all over again. The most popular video clip (first place spot onwww.thegroovecruise.com) by midnight on February 28 will receive a FREE Groove Cruise (estimated value $1,600). Everyone else will get hooked up with a shared social Videoo highlight reel featuring GrooveCruiseX.”


The resulting participation was significant with many entries and significant social media attention and commentary. Together they voted up their favorite videos to award one lucky groover a free cruise. And, everyone wins, as they all received the The Groove Cruise aftermovie, brought to you by Videoo.