Ziggy Marley crowd sources a 100% fan-made music video.


Posted on YouTube. See it live

Use Case:

Ziggy Marley taps fan footage recorded on Ziggy Marley’s #FLYRASTA tour to create a crowd-sourced music video for “Moving Forward” and proving with Videoo: together we make the story better™.


Ziggy Marley partners with Videoo to create a Summer tour story as seen through the eyes of fans. Ziggy simply made a announcement on-stage before performing his new song inviting fans to record and upload what’s happening now on social media using hashtag #MovingForward. Fans did allowing his team to leverage these assets to cost-effectively create his new music video.


Ziggy Marley’s team was pleased with Videoo’s ability to drive deeper engagement with fans and save precious time and money by streamlining production of a new music video that ultimately better resonated with his fans worldwide. This was an innovative initiative to co-create a more organic and authentic music video, and it proved to be a successful collaboration.